URA SHINOZAKI - Do you know true love?
Sony Music Records

Fans want to know what an idol really feels.

The world's first call-linked special website for music videos.
A special website was created for fans to be able to call Ai Shinozaki
and have simulated conversations with her.
She has an intimate attitude that is not visible in her
pictures as a bikini model or her music videos on YouTube.

The world's first call-linked MV site in which AI Shinozaki speaks to you as if it were a private conversation.
As soon as they visit the website, they receive a private phone call from Ai Shinozaki...
She starts talking to them in a playful way when they answer the call.
If they do not listen to her when she asks a favor
while her music video is playing, something unexpected may happen.
Users can discover the real Ai Shinozaki that has never been shown
before through unique tricks as well as the world view of her music video.


URA SHINOZAKI - Do you know true love?




Sony Music Records


Agency: TOMO + Tokyu Agency
◯ Producer: Naotatsu Nozawa
◯ Creative Director: Naotatsu Nozawa
◯ Copywriter: Syoichi Marumoto
◯ Interactive Planner: Naotatsu Nozawa , Kento Yamada
◯ Communication Planner: Ryosuke Nozawa , Syoichi Marumoto
◯ PR Planner:Tatsuya Yoshio
◯ Assistant Director: Toya Hata
◯ Special thanks: Naoki Koakutsu , Saki Murota , Kentaro Tnaka

Production: monopo + rokunana
◯ Web Director: Ryo Miyakawa
◯ Web Designer: Takaya Ota
◯ Technical Director: Ryo Miyakawa
◯ Front-end Engineer: Ryo Miyakawa
◯ Back-end Engineer: Tatsuya Suganuma